Christian identity crisis?

As Christians it’s important to get in the game and be a voice for truth and bridge to God for all those we come in contact with throughout our day. So it’s vital we understand our full identity in Christ.

Today, identity theft is at an all-time high. At the time of this writing, nearly 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft with $16.8 billion in losses. Even for us, we got a notice that one of our wives had her social security number stolen! What a helpless feeling.

But the worst possible identity theft is not when someone steals your social security number or your financial information – it’s when Satan robs you of your identity in Christ. He knows very well if he can convince you to believe you’re not part of God’s plan to do His work in the earth, he can render you powerless and keep you on the sidelines.

Because what you think determines how you act.

We’ve all felt it – that sense of fading energy and loss of power when we lose sight of our identity in Christ. Maybe you’ve experienced it as confusion or lack of direction. One thing’s for sure: the most empowering truth is that we are children of God, called for a purpose. This truth gives energy and conviction to even the mildest and most humble believer.

So we must hold fast to our identity in Christ. Don’t let it be stolen. Our identity as ministers of God on mission in His work must be firmly rooted in our minds.

In February 2014, we found ourselves on the set of Fox & Friends in NYC being interviewed for our first book, “Whatever the Cost.” We were talking about the importance of standing strong for your faith when one of the hosts asked, “Do you guys have any interest in being pastors or preachers going forward?”

I (Jason) responded, because I knew David didn’t have a clue what to say. When the host asked the question I instantly felt the Holy Spirit nudge me in the direction of identity.

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“There’s a false dichotomy today that says guys like us in business are not ministers,” I responded as the host panel listened intently. “We don’t believe that. The minute you give your heart to Christ He puts you on mission to bring Him glory. Whether you’re running a talk show or preaching behind a pulpit you are a minister, so just go out there and bring God glory.”

When I was talking I felt an energy come over me, like the Holy Spirit talking directly through me to the people watching – because identity is near and dear to the heart of God, as the Bible talks about again and again.

I continued, “The devil knows how you see yourself determines how you behave. So, if he can get you thinking you’re not a minister, you won’t act like it. So that’s our encouragement for Christians today – you are ministers, even if you’re just wiping rear-ends at home as a stay-at-home-mom.”

I said that last part in an effort to help believers understand that what determines the minister is not where you’re placed or how you’re paid (like a pastor at a church) – but the presence of God in your life. If you love the Lord, you are His minister on mission to bring Him glory wherever He’s placed you. And God will use you. I thought of my wife who was at home with our four kids while I was in NYC on the show – she’s the best minister I know in one of the most under-valued ministries of all.

David topped it off with, “So the answer is yes, we will go into ministry. We’re in it right now.”

They got it. The light bulb turned on in their minds. As a matter of fact, one of the hosts, Elizabeth Hasselback, finished the segment with, “I’ve got some rear-ends to attend to at home myself!”

Our identity as Christ followers is not attached to what we do or how we’re paid. No, it’s firmly rooted in who we are – as ministers of God on mission for Him wherever we go. So let’s get in the game and make a difference for God right where we are.